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Wedding Day Card About Babies

$ 5.00

When you're an engaged person, friends and family are so excited for you to walk down that aisle. But you know what? That aisle is just the final trip you take before it opens up the floodgates of this question: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A BABY?

This handprinted card features text surrounded by vintage floral illustrations, all printed in a lilac purple. The text reads, "ENJOY THIS DAY" and below, it says, ". . . because starting tomorrow, you will be bombarded with questions about babies. Happy wedding!" Printed on French Paper's Madero Beach, this card is A2 sized, comes with a light purple envelope, and is blank inside for your personal message.

Note: this is a screenprinted product. Please allow for slight variations. Also note that the saturation of the colors might vary slightly from your computer screen to the item itself.