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Christmas Tree Diagram Card

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Fig. 1 - Christmas Tree: combustible conifer adorned with lights, family heirlooms, and candy to celebrate the holidays. Beautiful and thoughtful presents are wrapped and decorated with care then placed beneath until Christmas Day. A. Star - representative of the Star of Bethlehem. B. Lights - strands and strands of twinkle lights. C. Ornaments - decorations usually made of paper, glass, ceramic or wood. Many are handmade and passed down from generation to generation. D. Candy Canes - seasonal red & white striped, peppermint candy, shaped as a cane. E. Tinsel - silver stands added to reflect twinkle lights, making the tree sparkle. F. Tree Skirt - used to hide tree stand and collects dry, brittle pin needles. G. Beneath Tree - area used to display gifts. (blank inside, letterpress printed, size A2)