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Alternate Histories

All Purpose Card

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Alternate Histories ALL PURPOSE CARD. Check all that apply:

- I love you!

- I am engaged in a to-the-death struggle with you, my arch nemesis!

- Happy Birthday!

- Happy Reanimation Day!

- Thinking about you.

- Thinking about that $5 you owe me.

- I’m so glad you’re my parent!

- I would hate to see you eaten by zombies and then turned into a zombie that eats me.

- I appreciate everything you do for me.

- I’m sorry your city was destroyed by a giant monster.

- Congrats on becomng the best you that you can be.

- I wanted to see if you’ve watched that TV show I keep suggesting that you watch so we can discuss it.

- Congrats on your wedding!

- I will destroy you!

- Congrats on returning to Earth after being abducted by aliens!

- I just wanted to say hey.

- Happy Holiday that is specific to whatever time of the year this is.

- I’m sorry for your loss. (blank inside)